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  • Wanted to try something new active wise. Never would of thought the cardio aspect that tennis supplies. Massively enjoying lessons at VTA

    Hannah b

  • Loved the personable coaching style of our french coach Loic. Who used his vast knowledge  to help me and my friend play our first ever match together.

    Sarah G

  • After moving up from the beginners class I have managed to add more pace onto my ground strokes and am now developing a solid second serve.

    Tom D

Meet The Team

We at the Victorian Tennis Academy boast some of the most upcoming coaches in Victoria, check out our team.


Beginner Coaching


Head of Beginners

Set A Goal

Whether your goal is to rally consistently, or be able to move to being an intermediate player. We urge you to set a goal so that we can help you achieve it.

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Beginner Coaching