VTA Competitions

Starting 18th February 

Competition Junior
“It’s like learning a language and never speaking it, by never testing yourself”

Schedule 2017

Junior Leagues 9 +

Starting on 18th of February


  • At VTA we are preparing all our students to be able to be fully competent on court. All our students are taught the value of playing fair, having good sportsmanship. And setting a good example to their younger peers. All our coaches know the value of playing competition. Junior Competitions are great for consolidating skills learnt in lessons.

  • When can my child play their first competition?

    We provide our first level of competition at the Red ball Stage.

  • I want my child to play competition but they are being reluctant?

    Many of our coaches although not obliged take time out of their personal lives to follow their students in the competitions, and provide that little confidence boost. They are also ready to talk in person about helping this big first barrier.

  • My child has no interest in competition?

    We understand all people are different and never force anyone into something they don’t want to do. However we can testify development is rapid when supplementing lessons with competition.


  • “I really didn’t want to play at first but after I felt on top on the world”

    Sean B

  • “By playing competition it has given me so much confidence on and off the court”

    Mel G

  • “It’s not all about the winning its the taking part, i now like helping other children if it’s their first time”

    Sophie D

Meet The Team

We at the Victorian Tennis Academy boast some of the most upcoming coaches in Victoria, check out our team.


Competition Junior


Junior Competition Manager
Competition Junior


High Performance Competition Manager

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